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We all share a similar path in Trading. Even though you may not be a consistently profitable trader now, you can chose to enjoy the path. This alone may make the difference in your success.



 Private Paltalk Chat

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The following is a Paltalk private chat I had in the last few days. I am posting it as perhaps others resonate with the points made by XXXXX. It is usual for me to receive similar statements via email. 

This type of thinking can be found on most yahoo group lists and in chat rooms. They are basically someone stating their beliefs of what does "not" work. These type of limiting thoughts hinder your trading path. 

I understand that this is their truth-fact and they believe it serves them to maintain there beliefs. My truth is that there is something in there past that their truth serves and protects. When I asked the chatter if they would prefer to feel different, they answered yes. 

I ask all of you the same question, expanded... If you had a magic wand and could create your reality and perceptions what would you chose? This website and NQoos yahoo group does and will continue to address methods to create that "magic wand" allowing you to create a more prosperous trading experience and life. Some of this help is founded in EFT.

Also in a current post I made on MedianLine group which speaks to what I see the above Paltalk chatter should consider more to allow them to increase their profitability.



103003 private Paltalk chat
XXXXX:   hey nqoos 

NQoos_2: Hi 

XXXXX:   it was pretty dumb of you to stop your website posting because of Iraq war 

XXXXX:   you also missed the moment when it ended 

XXXXX:   lol  

XXXXX:   also I noticed every day you post a different method charted on the day which looks like gold 

XXXXX:   but if that same particular method looks like ---- tomorrow you wont post it 

XXXXX:   you'll post another method that looks like gold 

XXXXX:   I donít like it 

XXXXX:   thatís ---- 

NQoos_2: I honor your perceptions.. 

XXXXX:   yea well 

XXXXX:   perceptions 

XXXXX:   do you agree or disagree with what I said? 

XXXXX:   isnít it true? 

NQoos_2: It is false 

XXXXX:   you never chart the same method for maybe 5 days in a row 

XXXXX:   you pick the method that LOOKED good in hindsight today 

XXXXX:   and post that 

NQoos_2:   All methods work 

XXXXX:   donít you do that? 

NQoos_2: I could post any method any day it will work  (perhaps a stretchÖunsure) 

XXXXX:   nope itís impossible every method has a crappy day 

XXXXX:   at least few days out of a week 

NQoos_2: what may be inconsistent is the person that has not mastered the method 

XXXXX:   pick a method and post it every day 

XXXXX:   post it charted every day 

NQoos_2: sure sounds like good idea 


XXXXX:   timeframe 

NQoos_2: will ask group to pick a method the day before 

XXXXX:   cause you also pick timeframes that look good 

NQoos_2: and I will only illustrate that 

NQoos_2: ok will have them pick time frame also 

NQoos_2: good idea 

NQoos_2: thank you 

NQoos_2: my point is any time frame any method works, yes some better than other at times, all consistently profitable 

XXXXX:   yea methods have losing days too 

NQoos_2: not if mastered  (again perhaps a stretch) 

NQoos_2: systems fail  because they are not mastered

XXXXX:   thatís psycho mumbo jumbo 

XXXXX:   setups are setups 

NQoos_2: methods are different than systems 

XXXXX:   sometimes they produce sometimes they donít 

XXXXX:   on a day when they poorly produce itís a losing day 

XXXXX:   I donít know how you can even argue 

NQoos_2: there is a hierarchy within the setup, the nuances the confluence   

NQoos_2: trust your trading goes well 

XXXXX:   itís going ok 

NQoos_2: great 

XXXXX:   not as well as yours I bet 

XXXXX:   you're the jack-of-all-trades 

NQoos_2: what is important to you should be how you do 

XXXXX:   and can make money in any time frame on any day with any method 

NQoos_2: yes I can 

NQoos_2: as you can 

NQoos_2: perhaps the mumbo jumbo (psychology) makes the difference 

NQoos_2: do it mumbo jumbo that is... see for yourself 

XXXXX:   I trade setups  

XXXXX:   which are clearly defined 

NQoos_2: good beginning 

XXXXX:   there's no place for mumbo jumbo in my trading 

XXXXX:   and yes I have losing days 

XXXXX:   and thatís ok 

XXXXX:   you're the master of hindsight charting 

NQoos_2: thank you 

NQoos_2: best to always be a master 

XXXXX:   I am amazed no one else ever called you on it 

NQoos_2: I plan to chart less perhaps stop for a while and only speak to psychology trust you find is useful 

NQoos_2: why do tell me this ? 

XXXXX:   because thatís how I feel 

XXXXX:   and I have been looking at your chart posts forever 

NQoos_2: I understand 

NQoos_2: would you prefer to feel different? 

XXXXX:   and after all I find them useless because you pick method that looks good in hindsight 

XXXXX:   yea sure I wish I felt different 

NQoos_2: good 

NQoos_2: it is a choice, choose to believe, change your thoughts, it will change your feelings, if you choose to believe then easier to duplicate, simple mind control 

XXXXX:   I see facts 

NQoos_2: facts are perceptions, you choose them  

XXXXX:   and fact is you post different method every day that looks good 

NQoos_2: yes all are good 

XXXXX:   and donít post the method that would have looked bad 

XXXXX:   itís a fact to me 

NQoos_2: its your perception thus your fact 

NQoos_2: not mine 

XXXXX:   no fact is fact 

NQoos_2: correct 

NQoos_2: not universal fact 

NQoos_2: unless we speak of God 

XXXXX:   2+2=4 is fact 

XXXXX:   if your trade is down -5 points 

XXXXX:   its fact 

NQoos_2: I perceive that the same yes 

XXXXX:   you cant tell the local bid now 10 points wrong 

XXXXX:   because their perception is wrong 

NQoos_2: ok in a limited view I concede there seem to be facts 

XXXXX:   oh good 

NQoos_2: ok 

XXXXX:   you got 100s of "students" who donít realize you handpick the "nice" method to chart in hindsight 

XXXXX:   easy to be a wizard that way 

XXXXX:   I could do that too 

NQoos_2: perhaps... takes much time, effort, desire 

NQoos_2: ok thanks for chat please post your great idea to nqoos yahoo group... time for me to chart now 

XXXXX:   yes its possible to recognize patterns due to experience 

XXXXX:   so what 

NQoos_2: namaste 

XXXXX:   has nothing to do with what I am talking about 

XXXXX:   no I wont post it 

XXXXX:   if you agree with my "idea" just implement it 

NQoos_2: shall I post it for you? 

NQoos_2: I could run a poll 

XXXXX:   yea please 

NQoos_2: ok will post this conversation in entirety 

NQoos_2: thanks 

XXXXX:   ok 

XXXXX:   sounds good 


posting to MedianLine group
From:  "NQoos" <nqoos@b...>
Date:  Sun Oct 5, 2003  11:04 am
Subject:  RE: [MedianLine] intuitive trading

Please excuse me being late to the intuitive party. I will understand if the moderator chooses to reject this post.
Intuition in the simplest form is subconsciously knowing, seeing, feeling an opportunity to either enter, exit, stay in or do nothing as one watches the bars do their dance.
"That trader has great intuition' is a statement that talks to the point that cumulative quality screen time teaches one subconscious to recognize these situations yet the trader may not be able to consciously explain all the reasons for  their trading actions. Some yes but unable to explain all. This some is what others may key on and then create rules which then may be lacking in results to that of the intuitive trader.
When you get that "feeling" to go long and are unable to find the reasons why, trust your intuition. Note that trade. Later spend time looking for what you subconscious sees and is telling your body to react to. This is the beginning of "the ZONE". The marriage of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. You may experience this as a twitch, a feeling in your stomach, a vision of someone from the past, almost anything.
Clyde can devise tools to find all the triggers for a set of rules yet often there is a certain rule missing. That missing rule or rules is the one that allows the intuitive trader to do the additional filtering of trade and exit selection producing more profitable results.
Learn to use intuitive trading and you will have tapped into a powerful trading tool.




expect miracles, they are everywhere.............. God is good all the time

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