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Master  your  setup. Master  your Self


the interpretation and application of price action concepts

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We all share a similar path in Trading. Even though you may not be a consistently profitable trader now, you can chose to enjoy the path. This alone may make the difference in your success.




You only need to master one setup to be a consistently profitable trader. 

Screen time will allow you to master one setup.  

After you have mastered one setup "own it " you can add another setup.

This can be an ongoing process developing your own style

  • The best setup to begin with is the one that you see and understand easiest. If you are forcing yourself to learn a setup because you believe another person is successful using it you may be taking the longer route to profitability. 
  • We are all different . Our brains and personalities will gravitate to different setups. This is also true of exit techniques.
  • Most traders I hear from lengthen their road to profitability by trying to apply too many concepts before owning the first one. 
  • They have studied a myriad of techniques but have yet to master any. This allows them to talk about trading but unable to consistently trade profitably.
  • The first decision to make is; do you desire to be a counter trend trader? or a with the trend trader? Eventually, you can be both.
  • At the beginning, or a new beginning perhaps, you will do best choosing to

 master a setup and follow the trend.

  • If you have been at this game for awhile and are not yet consistently profitable you know what I am saying is correct.I will present a "Chinese Menu" of trading techniques and setups with the intent that it will aid you in creating "your" trading style. 
  • My personal trading style is a combination of many styles and setups. I trust this website will be an exercise in my personal understanding of my own style allowing all to benefit.




Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of 3 lucky bamboo stalks have  meaning to manifest the ingredients for a happy life, Happiness, Wealth and Longevity

  Trade  Setups

Chinese  Menu

 pick 1 or 2 and master

 you get free egg rolls and massages or upgrade to sushi 

He who depends on himself will attain the greatest happiness

Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of 3 lucky bamboo stalks have  meaning to manifest the ingredients for a happy life, Happiness, Wealth and Longevity

setups denoted with * are setups I presently trade or have traded it past and have found useful. Other setups decribed may  be duplicate of what I presently trade.

      "A"     "B"    
* 1 Andrews Pitchfork "ZOOM" - Tim Morge * 28 Keltner Channel    
* 2 Andrews Pitchfork  -Tim Morge - NQoos favorite     5 min bar    
* 3   Andrews Schiff variation- NQoos favorite          
* 4   Andrews Trigger Line Setup  -Alan Andrews          
* 5   Andrews UML and LML Setup          
  6 Band Cycle Setups - Jerry Warezeniak, Ingos, Hurst * 29      
* 7 Bline Bounce -Buffy * 30 Linear Regression Channel    
* 8 Bline Triangle -Buffy * 31 Market Profile-Setups    
  9 Camelback Technique - Joe Ross * 32 MOF-Money On-Floor Buffy/Jimmer    
* 10 CCI-Setups - Divergence, Reverse Divergence, Trendline Breaks, Zero line rejectCCI Slingshot, Horizontal Trendline Break, Shamu, Ghost, Batman, CCI and BB, Zeroline Cross, Vegas, HFE, TLB and zeroline cross (GB007) * 33 MSH/MSL    
      34 Ninja Setup - Ray/NinjaTrader    
* 11 Confluence   35      
* 12 Divergence - Regular Divergence, Hidden Divergence, Tick Divergence, Ribbon Divergence, Slope Divergence, Over/Under * 36 Outside Bar    
* 13 Dragon Setup - Jerry Warezeniak * 37 Slingshot - Jimmer     
* 14 Dragonfly Doji Reversal * 38 Trendlines    
* 15 Expanding Triangles -NQoos * 39 Triangles    
    Fibonacci * 40 Wedges-descending setup    
      * 42 123 NQoos - NQoos    
  16 BRACH ZONE Setup - Brach * 43 123 Reversal  -Trader Vic    
* 17 Flags * 44 2B Reversal - Trader Vic    
  18 FL Setup * 45 20/20    
* 19 9/18 FL variation * 46 4th Bar    
* 20 22sma FL variation   44 mini skirt     
* 21 Floor Trader Method * 45 MACD Setup Aggressive  - Mike Bruns    
      * 46 MACD Seup Conservative  - Mike Bruns    
* 22 Gaps * 47 Demark REI Setup  - Mike Bruns    
* 23 Gimmee BarJoe Ross * 48 Stochastic(REI sub) Setup  - Mike Bruns    
* 24 Hail Mary  - Jimmer * 49 9/30 Setup Aggressive  - Mike Bruns    
* 25 Head and Shoulders - NQoos  * 50 9/30 Setup Conservative  - Mike Bruns    
* 26 Holy  Grail   51    
* 27 Inside Bar NR4   52 Lost Ribbons on Bline Setups  Buffy    

Humility is the solid foundation of all the virtues"~Confucius

Chinese symbol "LOVE"Chinese symbol"LOVE"Chinese symbol"LOVE"Chinese symbol"LOVE"


Ancient Chinese tradition has it that the number of 3 lucky bamboo stalks have  meaning to manifest the ingredients for a happy life, Happiness, Wealth and Longevity



expect miracles, they are everywhere.............. God is good all the time

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