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   my personal thanks  Jimmer and efuturevision for allowing me to present this material online 

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30 year Bond charts  1 tick on bonds = $31.25  cbot 

audio  (right click  then save as target to your computer to have best quality listen to in future and save me bandwidth.....left click to listen online...)


080703 30 year Bond 55 tick


080603 30 year bond 89 tick click chart to enlarge

080703 30 year Bond 89 tick click chart to enlarge

080703 30 year Bond 343 tick


jimmer49:   charts are up

btrade:   on the 89t chart you have marked up 12345

btrade:   point 2, what kept you out on 1st band touch

btrade:   k, just curious, ended up turning into a dbl loop, didn't know if I missed something

alipen:   why do you use tick charts rather than time charts?

markr413:   fast stoch?

markr413:   you use fast or slow

alipen:   where can i read about them

mizo03:   There's a book called Technical Analysis from A to Z, by Steven Achelis

mizo03:   pretty straightforward

ispec_rickm:   good recommendation, mizo

alipen:   if a 100 contract trade is made, does it count as 1 tick or 100

mike_bruns:   With the same numbers of transactions per bar, one gets a better sense of true order flow.

quixotic-1:   1

mike_bruns:   whereas time price bars can have any numbers of transactions within a set time interval

NQoos_2:   www.nqoos.com/Jimmer.htm 

quixotic-1:   what setting is the larger Bollinger

ispec_rickm:   Jimmer, I would be interested in your comments using the 2.20 bands on bonds vs the ES

NQoos_2:   http://www.nqoos.com/Jimmer080703.htm  today's presentation

ispec_rickm:   quixotic......2,20

PlangCha:   I'll second that very very good website

NQoos_2:   i'm going to replay one of my old ones

NQoos_2:   it moves... if your right you right fast

pmtrader:   I can tell you how to get around that limit when you're done Jimmer

dodger322:   Jimmer can you repost? don't have the link thx

ispec_rickm:   http://www.efuturevision.com/VPCharts/Dailies/TODAY/?M=D 

dubus1:   dodger, go to site, and click on daily charts

dodger322:   ok, thanks

NQoos_2:   http://www.nqoos.com/Jimmer080703.htm  that has all the charts

PlangCha:   dodger go to the efuturevision site and get the charts there works better than the links

ispec_rickm:   thanks nqoos for the chart link....very nice

dubus1:   jimmer, what are the values of your black bands, please?

ispec_rickm:   1.8, 8 dubus

dubus1:   thanks

mizo03:   the narrower bb

dubus1:   do you use the red bands very much

dubus1:   i did

dubus1:   miss it

dubus1:   brb

mizo03:   is it a pain to just walk us thru the trades you've marked?

alipen:   what are your exit points?

ispec_rickm:   osc in the buy zone

ispec_rickm:   correct

mike_bruns:   right

mizo03:   thanks, it's that that i'm curious about -- what you're looking at

mizo03:   yes yes

dubus1:   jimmer, in that first trade, when you saw divergence, did that divergence occur right around6:32?

dubus1:   ok, so there was another divergence, right

dubus1:   ok

dubus1:   but we never get tired of listening..... ;-)

ispec_rickm:   that is an excellent setup to study

ispec_rickm:   #8

dubus1:   on #8 please comment on osc

dubus1:   would you please comment on the osc at the time of the #8 trade?

mike_bruns:   when a single loop turns and starts to becomes a dbl

dubus1:   thanks

mike_bruns:   it can be almost considered an auto entry

al_gorithm:   interesting to note that the osc almost refused to go down with such a big move prior to #8....very strong divergence signal

dubus1:   i am confused as to when to call reverse divergence versus regular divergence

dubus1:   how do you know?

dubus1:   ok. i just seem to see conflicting patterns

dubus1:   so i will wait for NQ

mizo03:   thanks, jimmer

alipen:   what are your sell signals?

terrisan:   exit points

dubus1:   aren't you also using the larger time frame picture to help you determine your exits?

Tom-555:   How do you decide which timeframe to trade?

dubus1:   do you wait for confluence among 3 timeframes before entering a trade? or perhaps only 2?

Tom-555:   On a mof if the retrace pushes the band on the 21 tick, do you switch to the 55?

dubus1:   so if we have TF conflict, but the setup that you are considering is strong, then you proceed with the trade?

NQoos_2:   dubus www.nqoos.com/Divergence.htm  their is a article by Pring on reverse divergence here it is a pdf file

mike_bruns:   that's how I think too

dubus1:   so, NQ, you could possibly take a trade and it would eventually be successful, based on the TF at which you entered, but if you looked at another timeframe, the trade might be unsuccessful...so you concentrate on the setup within the TF you are focused on?

dubus1:   good hubby, Jimmer, thanks

mike_bruns:   yep

mike_bruns:   Others a re reference points

mike_bruns:   3 TFs most in any market

dubus1:   good stuff here, guys

mike_bruns:   2 TFs to make a decision for me

mike_bruns:   One is a reference for the other

mike_bruns:   Setup on 990 T will yeild an entry on the 343T chart

mike_bruns:   yield...

mike_bruns:   Setup on 150T yields an entry on the 55T (89T) chart

mike_bruns:   55T setup entry provides 21T entry

mike_bruns:   breakout enjoy a statistical 78% success rate

mike_bruns:   in virtually any market

al_gorithm:   Mike, you keep a 3X spread always on tick charts too?

mike_bruns:   yes

mike_bruns:   close al, not exact

mike_bruns:   exact

dubus1:   well, I guess Jimmer is absent for a while, but i hope he, or someone will comment on the 210t es chart from today around 2:26 pm. I inquired about an aggressive 9/30 long. Why would this not have been a good entry. Was it because the fast and slo sto were both still turned down?

mike_bruns:   I want smooth PA first

mike_bruns:   I cannot trade chop

mike_bruns:   successfully anyway

dubus1:   CST

dubus1:   why not?

dubus1:   OK, I see it now. thanks

dubus1:   so the larger the TF, the more reliable the direction of market, right?

mike_bruns:   yep

dubus1:   yes, mike answered. thanks

mike_bruns:   the PA is more reliable too

dubus1:   i don't think so. I know Victoria commented

dubus1:   but at the time I asked if i could question you about it tonight

dubus1:   Yes, you did say that

dubus1:   right, exactly

Tom-555:   On a MOF or sling if you enter on a55 tick it may go farther an finally stop on a 150tick bb, do you take the stop each timeframe or set your stop on a higher time frame

Tom-555:   do you switch to a higher time frame?

Tom-555:   I like all of your answers

jimmer49:   i was interrupted again by Jimmer wife

dubus1:   I want to thank Jimmer and everyone for contributing this evening....

dubus1:   Thanks, NQoos for the answer. Out of here for the evening.

dubus1:   ok, thanks, NQoos night,

mike_bruns:   I do that too NQoos

jimmer49:   here

mizo03:   these were auctions of unusual size, i believe, Jimmer

dodger322:   thanks Jimmer, Nqoos and all - great discussion

Tom-555:   Thanks Jimmer

ispec_rickm:   thanks Jimmer and all

skigirl4:   thanks, great stuff...

jimmer49:   my favorite lib blogger

jimmer49:   good night all

Tom-555:   good nite





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